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Three months in Mongolia, 2000km. 900km on horseback. 700km by foot. 400km by motorbike and truck. Eight kg lighter than when I started. Two extra holes in my belt. Five hours of footage. 800 photos. 120 pages of my work filling each page, not a margin left unwritten upon. Two large bumps on my shoulders and back. 12 scars on my hands. A thousand encounters. A thousand memories. A thousand stories to tell.



During the summer of 2015, I went up a level and achieved my first real adventure. I spent three months in Mongolia, from the northern steppe to the Gobi Desert. For a month and a half, I travelled with a horse I bought in the village of Khaorin. Together we covered 900km.



At the beginning it was hard, but we finally got along, and I was sorry to leave him just before the desert.  



Here, the second part of my expedition started.  I walked in one of the most hostile and unwelcoming part of Central Asia for a human: the Gobi Desert. For 33 days, I walked 700km with the constant worry of not finding enough water.

Court-Métrage (5min), Mongolie
Nomade, le film
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