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Eliott Schonfeld

Explorer • Writer • Film-maker

At 19 years old, by accident, I found myself alone in an Australian tropical forest for several days. During this time, I discovered exhaustion and hunger, but most importantly, the wilderness. Since this moment, I have never wanted to leave it and at 21 years old, I decided to become an explorer.

By foot, canoe, horseback, dog sledge, or raft, I spend months alone and living self-sufficiently in the remotest places on the planet.  After Iceland and its glaciers; the Gobi Desert and constant thirst; Alaska and its magnificent grizzly bears; I hiked across the Himalayas for four months.

I see exploration as the desire to better understand nature, to inform on its destruction but above all to learn, once again, our place amongst it. A world without the possibility of exploration would be an empty world. Without sense, without life. As long as explorers are able to live their passion, there is still hope.

Youngest member of the Société des Explorateurs Français (French Explorer Society).

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